Your Finca Hotel on Mallorca

Short & sweet – Why spend your holidays at the Lazy Finca?

    • Adults only (from 16 years)
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • 12 rooms with max. 26 guests
    • Casual & relaxed atmosphere
    • Fincahotel far away from mass tourism
    • Arrival daily
    • Perfect for friends, couples & singles
    • Authentic Mallorcan country cuisine
    • Vegan friendly! Vegan dishes on request
    • Mountain Bike Pool, E-Bikes, Longboards, SUP
    • VW Bulli Gin Bar at the pool
    • Many local products (wine, craft beer)
    • Yoga 1x per week
    • Theme weeks: e.g. surf, SUP, sport, yoga
    • Exclusive rental for Lazy weddings, Conferences, seminars, retreats & Co possible.
    • Attached chapel
    • Free-range chicken in the backyard, between orange & lemon trees

Mallorca holidays with friends

The rustic Finca hotel with 12 rooms is located in the southeast of Mallorca, far away from any tourism, surrounded by meadows, fields and fruit trees. The house’s own olive plantation, the orange & lemon garden with free-range chicken and the green pool area make the idyllic countryside perfect. In 1597 the foundation stones of the main house were laid and the Finca Son Valls was born.

You can expect a mix of original Majorcan and lazy casual elements that will turn the Finca Hotel into a dream holiday spot. How about a delicious gin and tonic on the Chill Out roof terrace and watch the sun go down? Or would you rather be tempted by the hammock and a cosy Bali bed in the garden oasis by the pool?

In contrast, the chapel, the gothic lounge, the old sundial and the antique furniture tell their very own story about times long gone.

A chilling program of individual excursions, mountain bikes, yoga, Bulli Bar with tasty drinks, a VW Bulli rental, as well as various highlights in the evening make Son Valls a Lazy Finca.

Holiday according to the motto: “there is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes”.

Our Specials – from Weddings to Yoga Week

Lazy Wedding

Kombi Lazy Bus & Lazy Finca

Lazy Package

Stand Up Paddle Week

Exclusive rental

Trekking week

Yoga retreats

Paella Showcooking

OFYR BBQ Evening

Do you already know our VW Camper Bus rental “Lazy Bus”?

With a small fleet of 6 VW busses we operate beside the Lazy Finca also a VW Camper Bus rental on Mallorca. Because waking up in the morning by the sun at the sea, taking a first bath in the Mediterranean, planning the next tour at a café con leche and after a market stroll spending the siesta in one of the sleepy villages in the middle of the island, of course has something indescribable. The tour continues with a delicious lunch menu in a local village bar, followed by a round of stand-up paddling, diving, biking, climbing, hiking or simply driving “lazy” directly back to the beach. Order a Mojito in the next beach stall and end the day with Chill-Out-Beats and the best: You don’t have to drive any more 🙂 So you can live a little Bulli dream on Mallorca. Have a look at

No matter if you decide for a holiday in our Finca Hotel or prefer to spend a Lazy Bulli adventure on Mallorca, we are looking forward to you!

Alex, Jill & Lucy

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Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls12 hours ago

Habt ihr schon unsere neuen Themenwochen für 2020 auf der Homepage entdeckt? Wie wäre es zum Beispiel hiermit:

Pferdezeit – be a Cowboy / Cowgirl
18.04. – 25.04.2020 & optional Yoga Programm

Das Glück der Erde liegt auf...

Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls7 days ago

Dieses Jahr werden wir mindestens 8x die Worte "JA ICH WILL" auf der Lazy Finca hören. (hoffentlich) 🙂

8 Hochzeiten für 2020 sind fix, aber die 10 sollten wir noch vollbekommen... Wer will nochmal, wer hat noch nicht?

Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls2 weeks ago

WHOOP WHOOP - Heute im Briefkasten 🙂

Ein dickes DANKE an alle Booking Gäste die sich ein paar Minuten Zeit genommen haben um eine Bewertung zu schreiben. Das ist nicht selbstverständlich!

Euer Lazy Finca Team

Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls3 weeks ago

Wer von Euch hat denn ein sonniges Foto vom letzten Urlaub bei uns auf seinem Handy?
Share NOW 🙂

Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls3 weeks ago

Lazy Sunny Day - 05.01.2020 🙂

Lazy Finca Son Valls
Lazy Finca Son Valls4 weeks ago

Wir starten mit Vollgas in das neue Jahr und wünschen Euch einen guten Rutsch!!! ..próspero año nuevo...