3 best action comedy movies 2022

A good action movie will always have great fights that will attract many viewers. If you like action comedy Telugu movies, you must watch DJ Tillu, Arjuna Phalguna, and Chor Bazaar. These are some of the recent Telugu movies with action, comedy, and romance.

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1.      DJ Tillu

The cast

The main cast members of DJ Tillu are Siddu Jonnalagadda as Tillu and Neha Shetty as Radhika. The other cast members include Prince Cecil, Brahmaji, Pragathi, etc.

The story

DJ Tillu is a wild local DJ aiming to succeed in his career. He falls in love with a girl named Radhika instantly. But surprisingly, Radhika drags Tillu into the mess caused by her early relationship. In the movie’s next part, Tillu and Radhika try to resolve the mess.

2.      Arjuna Phalguna

The cast

Sree Vishnu as Arjun, Amritha Aiyer, Naresh, Shivaji Raja, Subbaraju, and Mahesh Achanta are the main cast members of this film.

Arjuna Phalguna Review & Rating: An unconvincing show

The story

The movie revolves around Arjun and his close friends who try to make money quickly in the wrong way. When one of Arjun’s friends runs into financial difficulties, he plans to raise some money through illegal activities. But it leads him and his friends to a worse situation, where they face a lot of trouble.

3.      Chor Bazaar

The cast

The central cast members of this movie are Akash Puri and Gehna Sippy. Others include Subbaraju, Sunil, and Sampoornesh Babu.

The Story

Chor Bazaar is the name of a town known for stolen materials, and Akash Puri lives there. The main part of the movie starts when a stolen diamond lands in this area. Chor Bazaar is a complete action movie, with numerous fight scenes between police, thieves, and gangsters for the diamond.

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Couples Dance Lessons: A Step to add Grace to your Life and Dancing

Simple dancing is easy to learn. Even good music and a comfortable partner can help you to have an amazing dance night, but your dance needs to be more advanced, graceful and organized if you and your partner have registered for a Dance Competition. So, getting into a good dance class is a step that will take you closer to your win. It is at these classes that you will learn a better way to express your emotions in the form of dance. This will add grace and beauty to it. You will also get to learn some advanced steps and some spins and landings that would further add beauty to your dance. Thus, to ensure your success, dance classes are not a choice but a necessity. With its wide range of benefits, couples dance lessons are invaluable. Stating some of them below:

  • Strengthening bonds with your spouse: When two people are together, it is necessary to sustain the bond. Many times we become so busy and entangled in the various roles that we tend to neglect each other. And the moment this begins happening, we start failing to keep our relationships intact. These classes are of great help for you to develop beautiful chemistry with your partner. Thus, couples dance lessons are a great way to help you spend time with your partner and develop the understanding amongst you.

Couples Dance Lessons

  • Health benefits: If your partner is a bit reluctant in doing the regular exercises needed for a healthy mind and body and you are successful in persuading him to accompany you to the dance class then your worries about your partner’s health will just vanish. Dance is a good way to relax your body. The exercise that it provides to your body keeps it flexible and fit. It brings out the creativity in you. It also helps you to concentrate and hence your work performance also increases. The enhanced work performance and the instilled grace boost’ your confidence and give you a positive outlook. Hence, there are numerous health benefits that come without a stressful workout. Therefore, couples dance lessons are an easy solution to your many complicated problems.

Whether you want a new fun way to spend time with your partner or burn calories without working out, whether the Dance Competition that you are participating in is bringing wrinkles to your face or the unhealthy habits of your partner, these dance classes are a solution. Thus, these classes are a better way to add grace, beauty, and confidence not only to your dance but also to your life.

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